Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cooper Rv. Bridge Run

This weekend I am on spring break and I went to Charleston and was one of 38,600 people who participated in the 32nd annual Cooper River Bridge Run. It is a 10K (6.2 miles) run that includes walking over the nearly 3 miles Arthur Ravanell Jr. Bridge. 
After completing the run we stayed in Charleston for another few days. I love Charleston. It is so beautiful everywhere there. 
 The first picture is of my future inheritance... Boone Hall Plantation. No I am not kidding, that is really it's name. It was built by one John Boone in the 1700's. Now I'm not sure if I'm a legitimate descendent but how cool would that be! Boone Hall is one of the most photographed plantations in the US. It was the site of films such as the Patrick Swayze classic North and South, Alex Haley's Queen, and scenes from The Notebook were also filmed there.  
 The second is of when we went on the Charleston Harbor tour. That picture is of real bottlenose dolphins in the wild. I know... you're jealous. 
The third photo is  me, Torrye, Jane, Mom, and Walter after we finished the race. Getting that group photo is a funny story. The first person we asked to take the picture was this old man on the side of the street. We are not sure where we are in the picture he took. It would appear that he shot right over our heads. This photo was our second attempt. The very nice lady actually got us in the picture. Good for her. 
The fourth and final picture is of bridge. There are snipers on top during the run. How cool is that? 
That was my Charleston trip. Now I spend the rest of my spring break in idle boredom... which is perfectly fine with me. :) 

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